The Berges Fest was founded in 1967 as a way to generate traffic for local businesses and to bring the community itself together to celebrate its proud German heritage.  The Beregs Fest committee at the time approached local businessmen to ask for their support of the festival and many of them realized the benefit of the extra foot traffic that would be generated by a large festival in the community.  If it had not been for the businessmen of the time helping sponsor booths and donating time and money to the event the Berges Fest could not have succeeded. 

For over 49 years local businesses have continued to proudly support the Berges Fest and contribute their time and money to help put on the festival and in return help generate foot traffic to their business and help generate a sense of community.  Sponsoring the Berges Fest has become a tradition for many local residents and business owners who we cannot thank enough for their generosity and commitment to this orginization.

Over time the cost of putting on the festival, parade and pageant has increased and we are always looking for new sponsorships, ideas and opportunities to help offset these rising costs.  The Berges Fest has become a tradition for generations of families that have grown up here and we strive to continue to build upon that legacy with the addtion of new residents and business owners to the city.  We hope that you might consider helping to sponsor the Berges Fest.

Thank you
Berges Fest Directors