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2016 50th anniversary Berges Fest is returning to Herff Park/Kendall County Fairgrounds

On Monday March 28, 2016 the Berges Fest Directors and the Kendall County Fair Association Directors met to sign an agreement to host the 50th Berges Fest at the Kendall County Fairgrounds.  The space at the fairgrounds will allow for easier parking, a larger carnival, covered facilities for vendors and mechants and more space for special events for kids and adults.The Berges Fest outgrew the plaza in 1973 and moved to Herff Park.  It remained there until 1988 when it returned to the newly renovated Plaza.  Over the years it has moved back and forth between both locations. 

With the growth of Boerne in the 90's it forced Berges Fest to make many changes when located at the Plaza.  One of these being the location of the Carnival.  In the early 90's the carnival was located in the vacant field that became City hall.  For a short time it was located in the Boerne Independent School District Administration offices track area.  Once the city puchased the Phillip business center and removed the old Boerne Star building the carnival moved to the parking lot the city created in that location. With the creation of the walking trails the space for mud volleyball and horseshoes was lost as well.

So once again the Berges Fest was experiencing lessons learned in 1972.  The orginization is out of room and is slowly loosing more as the city continues to grow and make changes to better serve the communtiy.  So teh decision was made to make the move to alow for the growth of the Berges Fest and to work towards improving the Berges Fest experience for everyone.

We look forward to seeing everyone this Father's Day Weekend for the 50th Berges Fest back at Herff Park.
EXPLORE MAGAZINE - May 2016 Berges Fest Article
by Marjoire Hagy