Berges Fest when translated means Festival of the Hills.  The Festival was originaly started as way to bring people to downtown Boerne to help promote the locale businesses and to bring the community together once a year to socialize with neighbors by celebrating the communites strong German heritage.

In 1967 the main Festival was located in the Plaza and an art show was located at Memorial plaza.  The festival had rides and games for kids, a dance for teenagers and several local bands includuing the Boerne Village Band which has been a staple at the Berges Fest.  The Festival would be deemed a success if it could make enough money to support another festival the following year and to the surprise of everyoen involved it was a larger success than anyone imagined.

Since 1967 the Berges Fest has grown and become a tradition for generations of families.  In its early years the Berges Fest was the only event that brought the community together during the summer.  During these early years Boerne's distance from San Antonio, San Antonios lack of growth beyond Wurzbach and the national speed limit of 55 made the journey to San Antonio feel endless.  So the Berges Fest was a welcome break from the day to day routine of many in the community.

Over the decades the Berges Fest has evolved into a destination for High School Reunions.  It is not uncommon to see as many as 3 Boerne High School reunions particpating in the Parade and attending the Festival all weekend.  It has also become a tradition for many college age students who wish to reconnect with classmates and friends to return to Boerne on Berges Fest weekend to catch up on life events since graduation.

The Berges Fest strives to bring families together by offering Special Events for the kids to participate in.  The best part is that all of the Special Events are free to all participants.  The annual egg toss is a crowd favorite and the Dachsund races are a huge draw and loads of excitment.

We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you at the Beregs Fest this year and hope it becomes a tradition for you and your family.